Hello and welcome to my little haven of colour!  

Colour and light is why I paint! I am fascinated by the world we live in and the colours that surround us.  I have been painting since I was a child growing up on the Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Tobago. It was there that my love for the sea, nature and creativity began and continues till today.  I am grateful for the diversity of cultures, the creativity of the Carnival and the tropical beauty of the islands that I grew up with because they continue to nourish me and inspire my creative work. 

I share my time working as an Arts Psychotherapist alongside being an Artist. I came to London in my early twenties to do a a Foundation in Art & Design and I had every intention of entering the art world but curiosity and interest in the human psyche won through.  I sidetracked into a career as an Arts Psychotherapist and after many years in the field of Psychotherapy I am now responding to the pull of the paint and art materials. I have spent the past few years becoming re acquainted with the painting process and falling in love with it all over again.

Currently based in London UK, I paint in an Expressionist Style using a variety of media to translate what I see, feel and experience around me. Painting and creating is a continual dialogue with my internal and external world.  Colour and mark making are necessary for me to communicate with the world and I derive great pleasure speaking this creative language. I paint colourful landscapes when I yearn for space and paint memories of being immersed in the sea and the treasures that can be found at the waters edge. I create colourful patterns that remind me of the Carnival and female figures that combine my rich cultural heritage. 

I work intuitively with a variety of art media from acrylic, oil, water colour, ink and collage to digital work on the Ipad. I enjoy experimenting with new art materials, pushing them to their limits and curious about what the outcome will be. I may start on a canvas, paper or on the iPad by making marks and I listen to the painting as I work following where it wants to take me. I make studies in sketchbooks and experiment with paint on different types of paper to see what will emerge all the while staying curious to what I can learn and how I can develop further. My favourite place is sitting in the middle of my studio surrounded by paint and colour. 

I know only too well how a painting can energise a space and enrich ones life. I know also, how colour and form can evoke a sense of beauty and introduce qualities into a space.  I do hope you find something here that speaks to you. If you would like to commission a painting then please contact me for more information. I hope you enjoy looking through my work.  Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions at donnamarialoiola@icloud.com.

If you are interested to know more about my creative process and would like to follow my works in progress as they happen, you can find me at www.instagram.com/donnaloiolart and www.facebook.com/donnaloiolart